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About Konsus

Konsus provides on-demand outsourcing for corporate teams. The company was founded in 2015 and was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2016 program. Konsus raised $1.7M in a seed round in 2016 from Sam Altman (lead investor), Slack Fund, Paul Buchheit, John Collison and other Silicon Valley investors. Konsus grows 10-20% monthly, is cash flow positive, and has a team of 16 full-time people and ~100 freelancers on the platform with Konsus as their main source of income. Konsus is a partly decentralized company: everyone on the platform is working remotely and half of the core team have remote locations. We are currently building an ‘on-location’ engineering team in Oslo, but we are supportive of flexible arrangements. Konsus has 3200+ customers, with most of the recurring business coming from ~100 or so large enterprise clients. Konsus is led by Fredrik Thomassen (CEO), Jing Kjeldsen (CTO), and Haakon Heir (COO).

The Job: Lead Frontend Engineer

- Market-leading compensation and equity

- Oslo, but flexible work hours and location

Your responsibility:

- Own the delivery of the frontend development pipeline

- Be the main idea generator for how we can drive growth with tech

- Own ‘Conversion Rate’ and ‘Referral Count’ KPIs

To give some examples, over the next 6 months we will build: 

- Algorithmic staffing of projects to increase staffing speed

- Socket-based group chat with email-routing and integrated outbound voice calling solution

- A socket-based collaborative project-management and communication tool

- New and improved referral system to increase ‘team virality’

- Team collaboration tech, such as team asset library and ways to work together on projects to increase team engagement

- And much more


- 5yrs of coding experience

- 1-2yrs of work experience

- Experience with typescript

- Experience with reactJs/nodeJs and isomorphic applications.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities

- Truth-seeking, intellectual curiosity, drive

- Hard working

Our Frontend-stack (Language: Typescript):

- Node.js

- webpack

- React.js

- Isomorphic

- Redux


- AWS Elastic beanstalk 

Our Backend-stack (Language: java):

- Spring boot

- Hibernate + Mysql 5.7

- jUnit for testing

- redis


- Activiti

- AWS s3

- Quartz Scheduler

- AWS Elastic beanstalk

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